Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love as Leadership?

I have read many books on leadership, but rarely have I seen the term LOVE to overtly communicate an important leadership trait. In the military ranks, we speak of honor, courage, integrity, competence, vision, humility, compassion and the like, but never LOVE. We speak of open door policies, intrusive leadership practices, getting "buy-in", collaboration and loyalty, but never LOVE.

My parents were the first to help me connect the dots by showing me LOVE is demonstrated through availability and the time we make for others...they were and continue to be there for me, my brother and the rest of our immediate and extended family. My most valued mentors are those who have demonstrated their LOVE by making themselves available to show a personal interest in my professional and personal development. The Sailors I enjoy working with most are those who demonstrate their LOVE by making themselves available to the mission, their families and their shipmates.

If availability is a demonstration of LOVE than I must admit I both LOVE and am LOVEd by my family, friends and Shipmates. Question is how available do we truly make ourselves to those whom we care about most (or are we just going through the motions)? Whether it be our friends, family or Shipmates are we demonstrating our LOVE by making ourselves truly available? When is the last time we demonstrated LOVE as part of our Leadership Toolbox?

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