Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Last Post

As I work to refine my participation in the blogosphere, this will be my last posting in this particular forum.  I have shifted gears and will instead focus on more fully developing "Connecting the Dots" at a new URL:  All past posts have been duplicated within the new blog and all future posts will be located within the same.  I will be leaving this blog up for the foreseeable future to receive links that many of you were generous enough to point this way, but will not be adding any new posts. I continue to be grateful for the conversations this blog continues to generate and for your participation.  The primary reason for establishing a visible web presence is to encourage discussion with the hope of learning from, with, and through interested participants.  A special thanks to those who choose to both participate and reciprocate.

I hope you choose to follow me over to the new Connecting the Dots.  This migration just seems like the next logical step as I continually seek clarity through action. I look forward to sharing the journey with you, as we connect the dots together...


- Sean


  1. Connecting the Dots is dead...

    ...long live Connecting the Dots!

    The new blog presence looks great, and attaching your "branding" with a dedicated domain name is a great idea.

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